The Fitzpatrick Collaborative was founded by Craig Hansen and Amanda Huntington in June 2018 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to develop the former Peter Fitzpatrick School property into a thriving community center providing arts, education, and recreation programs for all ages. Our vision is to enable Pepperell residents to remain local for programs, while attracting people from surrounding communities, supporting our local businesses. A sense of community will be realized through a vibrant, multi-generational hub of activity – with something for everyone!

Board of Directors

Craig R. Hansen
Co-Founder, President
Craig brings over 20 years of business management experience, having led a range of operations from finance, marketing, technical services, and program management. Currently, he is the Director of the Project Management Office at Aspen Technology, leading complex projects to success. Craig and his wife Leanne have lived in Pepperell for over 15 years and have two boys. He serves his community as chair of the School Committee, is on the board for Pepperell Youth Soccer and Cub Scout Pack 1455, is on the High School Building Committee, and previously served on the board for Oxbow Schoolhouse.

Steve Temple
Steve is a founder, Executive Board Member and Secretary of Pepperell Community Arts (PCA). Involved in supporting STEM Education as volunteer with the Lemelson-MIT Program providing grants and mentoring to High School InvenTeams throughout the US. Prior to retiring in 2015, was Raytheon Vice President of Integrated Operations leading a 1000 person organization responsible for worldwide Operations including Facilities, Manufacturing, Quality, Mission Assurance and Environmental Health and Safety in the US and 80 Countries. Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Evelyn Bagley
Evelyn holds contracts in freelance transcription, assisting in market research for over 30 major companies and organizations worldwide. Currently a gap-year student, she is pending publication of original research in international policy analysis and media monitoring at an Israel-based NGO. An 11-year resident of Pepperell, Evelyn is leveraging her background with Johns Hopkins CTY to direct high school researchers at Lab @TheFitz. Also active in town at Kimball Fruit Farm, she serves the greater Boston community as a Programs Coordinator at Breaktime and previously served on the board for Girl Scouts of Central and Western Mass.

Noah Tremblay
Noah grew up in Pepperell, MA with a passionate will for artistic expression and scientific rigor. He has worked as a chemist and innovator for over 20 years, received his PhD in Chemistry from Columbia University, and lead R&D teams at several 3D printing start-ups. He and his wife are raising their 2 daughters to be kind people and critical thinkers.

Advisory Board

“It takes a village.” We rely heavily on volunteers to help fulfill our mission, from ideas to execution and everything in-between. Our advisory board consists of community members who provide regular support and expertise to The Fitzpatrick Collaborative.