The Fitzpatrick Collaborative was founded by Craig Hansen and Amanda Huntington in June 2018 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to develop the former Peter Fitzpatrick School property into a thriving community center providing arts, education, and recreation programs for all ages. Our vision is to enable Pepperell residents to remain local for programs, while attracting people from surrounding communities, supporting our local businesses. A sense of community will be realized through a vibrant, multi-generational hub of activity – with something for everyone!

Board of Directors

Craig Hansen
Co-Founder and President

Steve Temple

Steve Lurvey

Amie Lake

Cathy Lundeen


Leanne Hansen
Payroll and Accounting

Andrew Maniscalco

Catherine Sinclair
Community Center Administrator

Sarah Shaffer
Community Programs Manager


“It takes a village.” We rely heavily on volunteers to help fulfill our mission, from ideas to execution and everything in-between. Our village consists of community members who provide regular support and expertise to The Fitzpatrick Collaborative.

We have earned Candid’s Gold seal of transparency.