What’s up with the Peter Fitz Playground?

The playground at The Peter Fitzpatrick School is located at 45 Main St, Pepperell, MA. In 2017, some components were broken due to misuse and became a safety hazard, resulting in the school district closing the playground. With the future of the property unknown, the town decided to hold off on making repairs. As the playground has sat untouched by the public for almost 2 years, it has deteriorated further but not beyond repair. Through discussions with the manufacturer, we have come to realize much of the playground is still in good condition, with some parts still under warranty!

History of the Playground

The current playground was built by volunteers over April vacation in 2001 when the building was occupied by the town’s elementary school. It replaced the “Big Backyard” playground and cost $86,000. The playground contains 49 play components and is designed for the use of toddlers through school-age children.

What are the issues exactly?

There are six pieces of equipment that require total replacement. This includes three large slides and several smaller structures. The playground is missing many swings. The area needs landscaping, playground mulch and walkway repair. The estimated cost of repairs is $10,000.

How can you help?

Along with the town’s recent decision on a long-term plan for the property, approval was granted for the restoration of the playground. In conjunction with the Town of Pepperell, The Fitzpatrick Collaborative, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, is coordinating the project. The goal is to have the playground back open early this summer, but the timeline is dependent on volunteers and donations. The Fitzpatrick Collaborative is coordinating donations for the project and will soon be reaching out to area businesses to participate in sponsorships. All donations are tax deductible.

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Summer 2020 Update

Thanks to our donors and their generosity, we were able to purchase and install two new slides to replace the damages ones, as well as over 100 cubic yards of playground mulch to improve the playground’s safety and appearance. We are hoping to get the playground open by the end of August, but we still need your help to repair some of the other components, add missing swings, and repair the walkway.