Songwriting Workshop (Age 15+)


This is the practical application and technique of the working songwriter. Melody, lyrics, “hooks,” points of view and song logic will be covered. Solo writing as well as the concept of collaboration are introduced. Participants will work individually and in small groups. Objectives Learn and employ both conventional and unconventional song structures. Establish the difference between simple expression and communication through song, and how to establish a musical dialogue with the listener. The fundamentals of lyric writing through the usage of rhyme and meter. Employing various writing devices to help make a song more effective - POV, object writing, tension and [...]

Songwriting Workshop (Age 15+)2020-02-25T11:13:48-05:00

Learn Spanish as a Family


Come learn Spanish as a family - Parents and kids can learn together! (Ages 8+) Over 435 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their first language, making it the second most commonly-spoken native language in the world. We believe communication is the key to a peaceful world. Through language you learn about other cultures, different ways of understanding and seeing the world. We teach Spanish to kids and adults in a fun and relaxed environment through play and hands on activities, promoting the values of Spanish-speaking cultures of Europe and South America. Note: Course runs April 1 - May 13, no [...]

Learn Spanish as a Family2020-02-25T12:38:28-05:00



Music is an amazing outlet to relieve daily stress, plus a harmonica fits right in your pocket! This course will help you become a harmonica player. All you need to do is follow the lectures plus some practice and you will start to feel a surge of confidence as you see your skills increasing daily. This will be an exciting, fun, and challenging class – I think you will thoroughly enjoy it! Requirements: All you need is a 10 hole diatonic harmonica Even if you've been told you are musically hopeless you can play harmonica! The famous harp slinger Lee Oskar [...]


Beginner Ballroom Dance


Be a hit at your next wedding or function by learning the basics of five of the more popular Ballroom dances: Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha cha and Swing. No Partner Required! You'll learn the basic steps to each of these dances and add more moves as the class progresses. You'll also learn about lead and follow technique as well as the rhythms for each dance so you'll be able to dance to a wide variety of music. No partner is required as the class will be taught in a rotational system so that everyone will have a chance to dance with [...]

Beginner Ballroom Dance2020-02-11T11:26:39-05:00

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga


Come learn the fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga in a group where everyone is new! Yoga for Beginners introduces the student to breath-work for centering and focus, followed by step-by-step instruction of asanas (poses). Linking movement with breath, seated and standing poses will build on strength of muscles and bones, flexibility, and improved posture. Strengthen your sense of proprioception with balance poses as you cultivate body awareness and mindfulness. Classes end with a reflection on Acceptance and Gratitude. Come with an open mind, an open heart, and a smile to share. Please bring your own yoga mat and water; dress comfortably. Classes [...]

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga2020-03-09T12:05:02-04:00

Hootenanny Sing-a-Long (Age 15+)


Kent Recital Hall instructor Paul Luria leads this participatory singing course with a little background provided about the songs. The class will sing melodies and harmonies of familiar songs. The instructor will provide guitar and / or banjo accompaniment. Note: Course runs March 23 - April 27, no class April 20. Recommended Materials: Rise Up Singing: The Group-Singing Songbook. This book contains the lyrics to 1200 songs.

Hootenanny Sing-a-Long (Age 15+)2020-02-25T11:15:10-05:00

Chair Yoga


Chair yoga is performed sitting in a chair or standing up, using the chair for support. This class offers all the benefits of a traditional yoga class, but with modified poses. Class begins with breathing exercises for grounding and focus, followed by gentle movements to warm the body from head to toe. You will stretch and strengthen muscles while increasing flexibility and range of motion. Standing coordinated movements will build on balance and proprioception. Class ends with Shavasana, the pose of relaxation. This class is for ALL ages! Dress comfortably. Please bring a yoga mat and water, and yoga blocks if [...]

Chair Yoga2020-03-09T12:01:08-04:00

Lads and Ladies Dance


Join us for an evening for boys and the special ladies in their lives (moms, grandmothers, aunts, etc.). We'll have a “selfie photo booth” with props, music, food, and more! Cost is $20 per couple, $5 per additional child.

Lads and Ladies Dance2020-08-11T12:03:03-04:00

Vinyasa Yoga


Integrate your body, breath and mind in this energizing flow class. Designed to progressively open the body, each sequence in a Vinyasa yoga class builds upon the previous, evolving into deeper postures as the practice unfolds. Resetting “vinyasas,” are a standard series of poses that transition the yogi back to their home base pose: Downward Facing Dog. Class begins with a short, centering meditation and moves through a series of seated, standing, and supine poses, as well as balancing postures, forward folds, backbends and twists. Class ends with a relaxation in "Savasana" pose. Yogi's can expect to leave class with increased [...]

Vinyasa Yoga2020-02-11T11:13:57-05:00

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